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Hello friends,

Today’s entry is an election focused healing practice.

Although I wrote on Tuesday that I’d be taking today off, today’s convergence of the full moon and the upcoming vote invites meditation.

Today is said by those who watch celestial movements to be powerful — a portal of transformation because of the planetary placements aligning with this moon’s energy.

It’s also the beginning of Samhain, when the veil between the seen and unseen is thin. I happened to read this lesson by Richard Rohr during my quiet time this morning.  Oddly, the lessons in Rohr’s book aren’t dated; this entry’s subject as my reading today was a coincidence:

“LIMINAL SPACE — What some call “liminal space” or threshold space (in Latin, limen means a threshold, a starting line in a race, or a beginning place) is a very good phrase for those special times, events, and places that open us up to the sacred. It seems we need special (sacred) days to open us up to all days being special and sacred; we need special and sacred times to universalize to all time. (It is only some forms of late-blooming Protestantism that never recognized this need.) Even ancient initiation rites were intensely sacred time and space that sent the initiate into a newly discovered sacred universe. What became All Saints Day and All Souls Day (November 1–2) were already called “thin times” by the ancient Celts, as also were February 1–2 (St. Bridget’s Day and Candlemas Day, when the candles were blessed and lit). The veil between this world and the next world was considered most “thin” and easily traversed during these times. On these days, we were invited to be aware of deep time—that is, past, present, and future time gathered into one especially holy moment. On these pivotal days, we are reminded that our ancestors are still in us and work with us and through us; we call it the “communion of saints.” The New Testament phrase for this was “when time came to a fullness,” as when Jesus first announces the Reign of God (Mark 1:15) or when Mary comes to the moment of birth (Luke 2:6). We are in liminal space whenever past, present, and future time come together in a full moment of readiness. We are in liminal space whenever the division between “right here” and “over there” is obliterated in our consciousness.”

That we have a transformative moon and a thin veil preceding this election is — interesting. For those who read and listen to these entries, you know that the moon, her symbolism, and her association with the Divine feminine  are celebrated here in a loose, informal way. I’m not tethered to astrological beliefs, because astrology is problematic and not science. But I do ‘feel’ things, the moon and thin veils are often psychically unshakable — heightened sensitivity, insights, otherwise inexplicable experiences.

As we respect the larger shifts that we’re going through, today’s portal, if you will, is a perfect meditation time preceeding the election. It’s a time to align our selves for the greatest good — for ourselves, our nation, our planet.

If you’d like to join, I invite you to clear a space and connect with your Self.

We’ll be giving ourselves to a prayer, a portal, an invitation for (w)holēness to come like a wave — this is not a space of political posturing, but a trusting time to deepen love, to embrace life, and to understand that our thoughts, actions and words change the world.

So if you’d like to engage your heart and mind beyond counting the vote totals, click here:


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