I write from personal experience and epiphany, and I trust the writer’s craft to transform the world through words on a page: my prose bridges spiritual memoir and literary nonfiction.

As a storyteller, I believe that questioning the stories we hold true, writing new ones from hope and power, and living from our revisions is life’s greatest adventure.

It’s our reason for being — the magnificent love affair between imagination and life.

Question, rewrite, revise, start again. This is the voyage into mystery and possibility, and, if we’re bold, it’s a courageous straight-on sailing into uncharted waters. It’s the timeless trek of personal mythology, a singular road that embraces life’s darkest times as the soul boldly moves toward her own great, radiant light.

It’s the passage into beauty and freedom.


I hold a BA in Philosophy and an ALM from Harvard. My thesis united Comparative Literature, The Study of Religion, and Art History to unfold the baroque mysticism of José Lezama Lima’s novel length poem, “Paradiso.”

Harvard conferred Dean’s Honors on my graduate work.

I’ve lived in rural Maine for the past five years — cooking vegan, gardening organic, painting abstract expressions, photographing nature, meditating, learning about life, writing prose and poems, and unearthing a memoir.

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