Prospective Agents

Thank you for visiting after receiving my query.

When I started this website, I posted at length, irregularly, and in unbridled passion. Entries were often raw and poorly edited. But the genesis for some of my most satisfying essays to date comes from the baroque entries written here over the years.

These writings represented a range of interests and genres: loss, life, love, spirituality, creativity, politics, cultural criticism, and prose poems. Though topically diverse, the underlying themes were storytelling, first person critiques of society and religion, and meaning creation, or, personal mythology.

Posted in an embryonic state, with time’s passing, many now flourish with loving attention behind the scenes.

Your hands hold one such example.

As I’ve been polishing essays, and submitting queries and submissions, I decided several months ago to record weekly reflections and mediations, accompanied by another enthusiastic pursuit — photography. (David Whyte’s marriage of photography and poetry is one inspiration.)

By posting weekly recordings, I’ve learned to produce audios with an intimate feel and engaging presence. Recording weekly audios also felt like my voice’s next necessary step, with my eyes looking toward readings, discussions, interviews, and podcasting.

I invite you to listen to one. Or two.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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