Special Edition II: Election Day

Dearest friends,

Today, in faith and hope, let’s join with millions and millions of our brothers and sisters who are praying, meditating, visualizing, chanting, practicing, binding, and bending their entire beings toward compassion and healing.

Last Saturday, we shared a (w)holē space together, and we continue by spiritually supporting the hands on work we’ve done to protect our democracy.

Isn’t it beautiful how last week we completed our Intentionality series, leading into this time?

I’ve lit a candle this morning, and it will burn all day, holding the Intentions of renewal and peace and safety and vision and hope.

Today’s edition is posted early, so if you wish to spend time together focusing on possibility today, you may do so.

Thank you for being Present.

Thank you for being here.

And if you can’t listen to the entry, I invite you to stop every so often during the day, open your heart, and ask for Peace.

Photos are from this morning’s alter space, and a photo of our guiding Goddess, who gleefully found her way to shores, our democracy’s Great Mother.

I’ll reach out ‘on the other side.’

Click here to join today’s space:



Photo free to use by tom koe — from  Unsplash.com.

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