Moving forward.

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Hi friends and subscribers,

This blog has allowed me to process a lot of thoughts, feelings, and creativity — but it will be asleep for awhile.

WordPress now wants money — quite a bit more — for email lists, and even statistics.  But that time and energy must be spent on a new website, which I’ll post here.

Because of this WordPress switch,  I’ve had people drop me notes, thinking I’ve dropped off the planet.

I’m around, better and bolder than ever, but I’ve got boatloads of work that I’m doing.

I appreciate your comments and insights over the years, and I look forward to posting the next chapters in my life story, here, as soon as time catches up with all these big expanding spaces that I’m entertaining,

Unfortunately, that news won’t hit your inbox, but I’ll post it here, in the ‘fullness of time.’

I love that old saying, ‘the fullness of time,’ it sounds gorged on possibility.

To a Thanksgiving lived in deep gratitude for all that is, and I hope your holiday gorging consumes life’s best offerings

Until next time.




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