Interlude: The Story Of A Sunflower

Hello friends,

We’ll return to our ‘Intentionality’ series on Saturday.

Today, though, I share the short story of a Titan sunflower, a beauty which is now surrounded by handmade origami lotuses waiting for decoration.


After decorating, these paper lotuses will be mailed to The Rubin Museum of Art as part of their community installation, The Lotus Effect.  

From The Rubin’s website:

“Lotuses grow in muddy, murky waters, rise to the surface, and unfold. They bloom untainted by the muck and serve as a reminder, albeit a temporary one, that moments of beauty can emerge from the toughest conditions. In Tibetan Buddhism this sacred symbol is associated with purity, awakening, transformation, and compassion, and it appears in works of art at the Rubin Museum.

For The Lotus Effect, we invite you to fold an origami lotus of your own and contribute it to a physical installation. The installation will serve as a community-built symbol of gratitude for the people and things that help us get through difficult moments.”

There are several ways to participate. The Lotus Effect page gives the details. 

I’ve posted the YouTube instructional video below.

After folding both the simple lotuses and the advanced lotuses, I think the simple ones are a good choice.  No need to feel “less than” if you participate with only a few folds. They’re striking as is.

Less is more. (Sometimes.)

Click here for today’s tale of survival, beauty, triumph — and a sunflower meditation:






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