Intentionality IV

Wide Open Spaces 2020 © Julia Haris

Hello Friends,

We resume our exploration of ‘Intentionality’ with the fourth installment in a ten part series.

Thank you for your understanding about last week’s pause.

The photo kept pulling me in for today’s entry, against my better judgement.

Is it insensitive to celebrate this incredible view from a walk last week as the West Coast suffocates in smoke and ash?

Perhaps it’s the sense of promise that whispers to me, so I dedicate this entry to those on the West Coast, who are bearing an enormous and heartbreaking hardship.

May blue skies and peaceful days fill your days again sooner than you imagine.

And for the land, the flora, the fauna, and all life, may hope and comfort spring from unknown places, and generous aide arrive quickly.

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Here are the YouTube Pema Chödrön videos mentioned in the mediation.


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