Dancing Into Equinox

Dear Friends,

First, I apologize for being tardy with my beginning of the month check-in.

Lots of good reasons, but bottom line is that I’ve been shifting focus and priorities.

As much as I miss our meditations, I’ve hit recording issues as well as time issues.

My pop filter for the mic ended up ruining the lamp it was attached to — the light company replaced the ruined lamp head, but it wasn’t until I attached the new part that I realized the pop filter clamp was the culprit that fried the wiring.

I’ve not yet figured out if I need to buy a mic stand to attach the filter, or find another way to use this filter. (A pop filter smooths the recording sound.)

Until I figure that out, I’m planning on going through our previous recorded series, grouping them by theme, and then linking them on the audio meditations page, an archive that can easily be accessed,

That bit of organization’s overdue.

In unrelated news, I thought I’d pass on a couple of discoveries:

First, there’s a fantastic company that features virtual walking challenges, The Conquerer Events. I’ve registered for the virtual Camino de Santiago  with them, but they have dozens of virtual challenges, including the Appalachian Trail, Route 66, Mt. Kilimanjaro, The English Channel, The Ring Road . . . I think you get the idea.

Your miles can be logged with walking, running, or any activity — they provide a conversion table. (If you join a group, the group may not allow conversions.)  You set your own pace, which is great for gradually working back into a routine, As you complete miles, you receive virtual postcards, and after crossing the finish line, you’re awarded a bright, shiny kitsch medal. A real medal, mailed to you. They have shorter routes too, even a ‘beginners pack.’ As I’ve long dreamed about doing The Camino, I was happy to do this version. The price is reasonable, and the Facebook group is phenomenally inspiring and positive.

And the medals really are fun — check them out. Seriously. Fun.

What a way to greet the equinox, recommitting to good health goals. After injuries and no training aspirations for several years, I’m thrilled to be trekking the Camino, virtually,

Second, I’ve been enjoying the online sangha at The Center For Mindful Living in Washington D.C. They have all kinds of offerings, and some superlative teachers. Great meditations.

Check out their calendar and see if something pulls on your heart strings.

It seems as though life is so breathtakingly expansive these days, it’s difficult to summarize a day except to say: awareness, love, and hope work.

Dig deep. Listen. Dream bigger.

Then take the first step.

Oh, and dance, remember to dance, no matter who’s watching.

In that spirit, I leave you with this bit of joy.

From my heart to yours, big, big love as we dance into the equinox, JH.

“From Brazil to Dublin to Cork the Redemptoristines and Redemptorists take on the Jesursalema Challenge. Well done to all. Enjoy!
Praying for our world in these challenging times.”

Nuns in Dublin take on Jerusalema dance challenge


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