The Awen


The Awen symbol merged into an ourobouros. © Julia Haris


In the above sketch, I joined the alchemical ourobouros to my latest talisman-symbol fascination, The Awen.

“But just what is awen? It is an awareness, not just on a physical and mental level, but also on a soul-deep level of the entirety of existence, of life itself. It is seeing the threads that connect us all. It is the deep well of inspiration that we drink from, to nurture our souls and our world and to give back in joy, in reverence, in wild abandon and in solemn ceremony.”  — Joanna van der Hoeven in The Awen Alone.

According to Wki:

Awen is a Welsh, Cornish and Breton word for “(poetic) inspiration“. In the Welsh tradition, awen is the inspiration of the poet bards; or, in its personification, Awen is the inspirational muse of creative artists in general: the inspired individual (often a poet or a soothsayer) is described as an awenydd. Emma Restall Orr, founder and former head of The Druid Network, defines awen as ‘flowing spirit’ and says that ‘Spirit energy in flow is the essence of life’.

For those who’ve hung with me for awhile, you know that Wales, the land of dragons, is a magical place for me.

Confluences multiply when one enters realms of mystery, myth, and magic. Passing equinox, the circular, cyclic, renewal  energy of the ouroborous and The Awen draw me in, as rebirth,  growing, and gardening wait for the thaw and flow of life, again.

To offer a long overdue personal update: I have several projects ongoing, still. Fire in the head, as Yeats might say.

A generous friend has also commissioned an art project, so I’m thrilled to have an aspect of my creative life materially recognized.


Many thanks to you who continue following and subscribing; expect updates to this website and its content in the months ahead.


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