Star Shining: 2022

You’re a shining star, no matter who you are, shining bright to see, what you could truly be.  — Earth, Wind, and Fire

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Hello Friends,

It’s an honor to say hello as we enter 2022.

It’s a gift to be alive, healthy, and safe as we navigate another year in a world filled with luminous discoveries and heart breaking losses.

I hope you are safe and finding comfort, as well as finding deeper wells from which to draw during our collective birthing.

I’ve missed you, but other things have been happening.

I’ll share them throughout 2022.

There will be a new web site, one that resolves a lot of the creative, psychological, and imaginal tensions that I’ve used this space to explore over the years: you have been part of that sorting. Thank you.

Given that January and February promise to bury us in apocalyptic news cycles, I wanted to share something from E.O. Wilson, who passed December 27.

Wilson was one of our great natural scientists (read about him here and here). Neither a cynic or pessimist, he wrote that scientists ought to “offer the hand of friendship” to religious leaders and build an alliance with them, stating that “Science and religion are two of the most potent forces on Earth and they should come together to save the creation” (from the Wiki link).

Wilson was insightful and conciliatory. But of course. You cannot work with and in nature and be a recalcitrant cynic — she doesn’t allow it. Diversity, infinite possibility, recovery, resilience, nature’s trove is life, life itself.

And nature’s intrinsic and unstoppable energies are necessarily our energies: we are made of Her.

Never doubt your greatness or strength, never doubt your elemental nature: the stuff of exploding stars, billions of years of evolution, great cosmic energies, the memories of your ancestors, and Intelligence beyond your imagination’s boundaries are the stuff of you.

Everything matters, everything has significance.


This includes you, magnificent creature of earth, wind, fire, water.

I’m posting this entry early, as I’m observing a special three-day-new-moon-during-New-Year’s-weekend time of reflection this weekend. Many have written that what’s happening on earth is reflected in the sky’s stars; I’m respecting that calculation, while acknowledging the elasticity of meaning.

Feel free to join me — drop me an email and let me know if you do.

Flourish guilt-free in in these days.

We aren’t just the ones we’ve been waiting for, we’re much better than we realized.

It’s powerful to know that shining isn’t just allowed, it’s necessary.

Shine fiercely in 2022.

It’s the intractable rebellion needed.

”Shining star for you to see what your life can truly be.”

— JH

(This entry was originally published with the wrong E.O. Wilson links. Fixed.)


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