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Hello Friends,

On the eve of her-story, I invite you to join me in an online February meditation program being led by Sharon Salzberg.

The program is free, open to all, those with no meditation experience, and experienced mediators.

Connect to your breath, expand your awareness, and nurture your self with a community, as we go forward together.


Meditation is a life changing tool, requires no religious belief, and the science supporting its benefits is overwhelming.


The book for this program is straightforward and sans woo woo, focusing on breathing exercises and the practice of sitting and being.

You don’t have to purchase the book to participate, but it’s a worthy, modest investment.

“Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation.  A 28 Day Program” currently sells for 1.99 as a Kindle download on Amazon.

The Kindle app for your phone or computer is also free.

If you participate, I hope you’ll email me or comment.


I’d love to hear about your experiences.


Here’s the link:  Commit To Sit In February

To purchase the book:  Real Happiness, on Amazon


Please note: I am not affiliated with this program or Sharon Salzberg.

Above image courtesy Salzberg’s FB feed.


Peace as we move forward.

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