Intentionality IX


Today is our penultimate episode, and I believe a few things will come together in unexpected ways.

What a pleasure it’s been to dip my toe into uncomfortable waters, that is, exploring intentionality — and the circling has been a gift during all things Covid19.

Unintentionally related — or, rather, unconsciously related — I’ve reframed my website byline. A small but bold step, as small steps can be both revelatory and reorienting: “Julia Harris: The Life Of Art, Reimagined.”

Today’s photo is of the maple tree in the corner of the property, a lovely creature, its limbs hang over the far corner of the upstairs porch. Taken this week, the brilliant, shimmering gold against the clear blue sky offered a stunning contrast. It wasn’t an easy shot, I had to hang part way out of the window while balancing  the phone in my right hand, as my left hung useless from a knife injury.

Not a shot for the balance challenged (read, accident prone), that is, me, but the golden waterfall wouldn’t let me go.


(Confession:: the Emerson quote graphic was pilfered from Google search. As it’s simple white on black with Emerson’s words, I took liberties. Thanks to the Source.)

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Gold Rush 2020 © Julia Haris

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