A Creature Beyond Time


I’ve never been one

to line up ducks in a row

and see how the world falls

in a row of ducks,

never been able to watch

as each duck joined

with other ducks

to take flight in an

accomplished life.


My ducks are

creatures of ephemeral

iridescent rubber,

they float on invisible waterways:

one floats south,

one north, one east, one west,

their original ducky meanings

invariably elude me.

Mesmerized, I watch

their luminous colors dance

under a pale yellow sun,

as they drift into a

horizon where sky

and water

merge into one.


I recognize

time’s a tyrant:

a pompous aggrandizer

who makes ducks in a row

and calendars

and clocks seem

obligatory and



In hubris,

I  turn away,


a reality

that dissolves

into nothingness

with a breath.


I am a creature

beyond time;

I give myself to

the sun,

the moon,

the stars:

I’ve yielded to

iridescent stillness


and the horizon.


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