My writing pushes the limits of understanding by weaving skeins of experience, knowledge, and what we commonly understand as spirit, soul, the Divine.

My narratives thus situate themselves between literary nonfiction and spiritual memoir.

As a memoirist, as a storyteller, I believe that abandoning the stories we hold true, rewriting them, and living from our revisions is our greatest journey.

It’s our heroic one.

It’s a journey, to borrow Alice Walker’s words, “into mystery, into poetry, into prophecy,”* a journey mythic, often dark, and beautiful.


I hold a BA in Philosophy and an ALM from Harvard. My thesis united Comparative Literature, The Study of Religion, and Art History to unfold the mysticism of José Lezama Lima’s “Paradiso.”

Harvard conferred Dean’s Honors on my graduate work.

I’ve lived in rural Maine for the past four years — gardening, cooking, meditating, learning about life, writing prose and poems, and unearthing a memoir, though decidedly not in that order.



*From Alice Walker’s essay, ‘Saving The Life That Is Your Own: The Importance Of Models In The Artist’s Life,” in the collection, “In Search Of Our Mother’s Garden’s.”



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