My memoir in progress describes my struggle with mental illness, a five-year-fight against homelessness, and the circumstances leading me into professional fantasy exploration, commonly known as phone sex.  Eventually, I was graduated from Harvard University with a master’s degree, earning Dean’s honors.  My studies at Harvard included coursework in the study of religion and  comparative literature.

Everything is beautiful.  I believe this, and I believe that we make it so, day by day.  For this reason, “Everything Is Beautiful” is the book’s working title.  I offer an alternative way to write our life’s story.  As humans, we collect and share stories: the stories that we tell ourselves, the stories that we tell others, and the way we acquire society’s stories.  Changing our stories changes our understanding.  Storytelling is humanity’s single greatest tool, for our stories dictate how we live, and how we leave the world.

Posts on this website cover many interests: writing, creativity, art, spirituality, social justice, animal welfare, the environment, and sexuality.

I hope you will subscribe.  My entries are often me thinking out loud, and offer a snapshot of my creative process.  To view another person’s process makes ours easier, or at least shows an alternative way of growing.  Some posts are early incarnations of pieces that are under development for future publication.  They will stay here, in their embryonic state, as a testament to artistic growth.

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